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Broken and Leaking Pipe Repair Services in Blue Springs, MO



Over time, pipes can corrode due to exposure to water, chemicals in the water, or environmental factors. Certain chemicals found in water, such as acidic substances, can corrode pipes and lead to leaks over time. Minerals in the midwest water a common culprit of corrosion in pipes in this area. Corrosion weakens the pipe material and can lead to cracks or holes that cause leaks.

Tree Roots

Tree roots seek out sources of water and can infiltrate underground sewer or water supply lines. As roots grow and expand inside pipes, they can cause blockages, breaks, and leaks.

Freezing and Thawing

In cold climates like Kansas City, water can freeze inside pipes during winter months. The expansion of frozen water can lead to pipe bursts when the ice thaws, causing leaks.
Fixing Broken Pipes in Blue Springs, MO
MLE Plumbing Fixing Broken Pipes